JustGoGirl: Creating a Better Solution


Want to see how fast you can reduce the size of a group fitness class? Ask the women in the class to grab a jump rope. Chances are most will head for the door. And not because they don’t know how to use it or aren’t in shape. No, the real reason a simple jump rope is the enemy to one out of three young, active women is this: the “Athletic Leak™.”

Yeah, yeah, we know that’s not the sexiest word in the English language. But leakage of urine during exercise is a common occurrence for many women, especially mothers. And specifically, me.

I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant with my twin daughters — almost 100 lbs. But I was working full-time and didn’t have the hours or motivation to exercise, so I ate a lot of pie, and Chinese food, and was even caught by my husband one shameful night after Thanksgiving drinking gravy from a gravy boat.  After I had the girls, I was eager to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and knew the fastest way to do that was through high-impact exercise and running. Only here’s the thing: I also knew that I would leak if I ran or jumped. So for years I used low impact exercise to get back into shape, but I couldn’t get back to the body I wanted.

Fast forward to 2012 when a friend invited me to a conditioning class at her (now my) gym. I was a little worried, but decided to go, equipped with a traditional incontinence pad. As the class progressed, I could feel the pad getting bigger and bigger as the instructor barked orders to do what must have been a thousand jumping jacks. I was pretty sure I looked like a bonobo from behind. That day, the workout was amazing. But the pad was a nightmare. And it made me start thinking of ways to solve my Athletic Leak™ issue.

I spent two months cobbling together different pads until I finally came up with a design that worked.  Now I just needed to turn it into a product that didn’t require transparent tape.  So I pulled a team together to help me turn my idea into a real product for real women with the same problem as mine. And JustGoGirl™ was born.

Our patent pending JustGo Pad™ is absorbent, light and teardrop-shaped. It provides full coverage in front, where it’s most needed, and tapers in the back so it won’t show—even under Lycra or Spandex or $100 yoga pants. Our pads are the perfect fit and solution whether you’re a runner, a kickboxer, or a fan of high-intensity training and whether you love the gym or prefer to work out at home with a DVD. The JustGo Pad™ will have you covered.

Even if you decide to jump rope.

Brooke Solis, CEO