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If you have ever run, jumped and leaked, we’ve designed a pad for you.

urinary incontinence pad

Invisible Protection

While giving you protection from front to back, the teardrop shape of our urinary incontinence pad makes it invisible from behind.

Why Choose
Just Go Urinary Incontinence Pads

If you have ever run or jumped and leaked, we’ve designed a pad for you. The patent pending design of the JustGo Pad™ concentrates incontinence protection in the front, where you need it, and tapers in the back so it is invisible from behind. Our pad will get you through your longest run or hardest workout with comfort and confidence. Once you try the JustGo Pad™, you will never go back to bulky incontinence pads or sanitary napkins.

Compare The Difference
JustGo vs Competition

JustGo Pads Always Discreet Poise Tena
Light Bulky Bulky Bulky
Comfortable May Cause Chafing May Cause Chafing May Cause Chafing
Invisible Noticeable Noticeable Noticeable
justgo pad poise pad always discreet pad tena pad


Our Mission
By Women for Women

JustGoGirl was founded by women for women. We believe that every woman deserves to feel good when she works out. We are building a community of women who inspire each other to set new goals and achieve them. We want to empower each other do more with products designed with you in mind. And as you reach for every new goal, we will be here, cheering for you every step of the way.

Brooke Solis, the founder of JustGoGirl, had her own journey in creating this product. She understands the necessity of an absorbent, yet light and teardrop-shaped pad for any woman’s incontinence needs. The front provides enough coverage and fits perfect for all women, from runners to fans of high-intensity training. Even if you’d prefer to have a night to yourself filled with binge watching Netflix and a bowl of ice cream, the JustGo Pad™ has you covered.

What Others are Saying

I just ran my first half-marathon today and could not have done so without your product! Thank you SO much for providing a much-needed product for active women who don’t want to feel like they’re 80! So comfortable, so reassuring and IT WORKS! Thank you!

JustGoGirl Customer

These things are great – no more playing soccer or running while worrying that I might have pee running down my leg! Stay where you put them, absorb like crazy. Much better than panty liners!

JustGoGirl Customer

These pads were just what I needed to feel confident when running races. I don’t have a problem usually, except in times of stress and nervousness. These helped me to be able to concentrate on my races and not worry about any leakage. They are slim and you don’t notice that you are wearing them at all

JustGoGirl Customer

Postpartum Pads
Solution for Your Postpartum Incontinence

Shop for your incontinence pads and choose the best package for you! Even if you occasional leaks when you giggle or sneeze, the JustGo Pad™ is definitely a good choice for you. Urine leaks can happen in an instant, and it may not always be easy to find a pair of dry pants. Save yourself the trouble and start your day off with a JustGo Pad™. Postpartum Incontinence and light bladder leakage shouldn’t be a problem, and now it’s not!

Try a Postpartum Leakage Solution

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