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Nicole is the mother of a 20-month old daughter living in Austin Texas. She cross-trains multiple times a week but since the birth of her daughter has suffered from anxiety when it came to strenuous activities. When she first saw the JustGo Pad, she was a little skeptical as she thought the pad looked large. That skepticism disappeared after she tried it for the first time and was able to take control of her workouts again.

“I LOVE these pads!! Not only are they discreet, but they amazingly hold as much as the bulky pads I was trying to wear when I worked out. Never again will I go back to those. These pads leave you confident in deadlift PRs, as well as double unders, or whatever “leaky” situation you may have. The delivery was super fast and easy, and the packaging is discreet. LOVE!”

“I am such a fan! Anyone that knows me knows that I am not shy about sharing my athletic leak challenge. I only wish this product was out when I was playing soccer with my husband. I used to bring a change of clothes for post game chatter so that I could feel comfortable after an hour game. After becoming a crossfitter, I would opt out of Double Under days because I did not want to deal with this issue, which held me back from mastering this movement. Recently I tried the JustGoGirl athletic pad and have been amazed. I won’t go to the gym without it. Thank you for creating this amazing product! Thank you for helping me be comfortable during my work outs. I PR my double unders quite often now!!”

“Just wanted to tell you how great these pads are when I work out. I am so glad that there is something I can use to feel totally confident and comfortable during my rigorous workouts. The pads never feel heavy if there is any type of leakage – sometimes I don’t even think they are soiled! Regular pads leave you feeling uncomfortable, weighed down by the slightest leak, Go Girls amazingly don’t do that! I love them and can run for miles. Thank You!!”


Katie is a fitness instructor living in California with her three boys. Plyometric exercises like box jumps had Katie always donning her black pants to disguise her fitness leaks, which were a big problem since she was the center of attention in her classes. Luckily, she was introduced to the JustGo Pad by Brooke herself and now no longer has to worry about leaks while helping her students get their sweat on.

“Ran my first half with a little help from Just Go Girl! Mom of two and a diabetic, I am an avid supporter of this product. I may not need it every time but it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! Train hard!”

“Thank you!! Just Go Girl gave me the security to get through my first half marathon! It really is a distinct improvement over similar feminine products you would find at the drugstore or grocery, based on the unique shape and “holding” capacity. On to training for my next half marathon and Just Go Girl will be right there with me.”

“These things are great – no more playing soccer or running while worrying that I might have pee running down my leg! Stay where you put them, absorb like crazy. Much better than panty liners!”


Anya is a personal trainer who wanted to prove that she could prevent fitness leaks after the birth of her first child. She succeeded, but realized that she was holding back during her high-impact exercises after she gave birth to her second child. For Anya, JustGo Pads provide peace of mind so that she can give 100% in her workouts.

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